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This is fun to read - your descriptions and your characters are great and there's quite a message here, 'salted' with humour! I got a bit lost in the story plot, though that might be just me, but the message you portray, and the Bible verse you quote, is strong and clear. Thankyou
I enjoyed this. Good development of your characters. Good lesson. And now I want a grilled cheese sandwich! Keep writing.
I enjoyed your story. Very true to life. What courage Dora has. Well done.
So enjoyable! Love to hear more about Dora! The only pinkish ink to use is for the word complement - did you intend compliment? And may you blush heartily at all the compliments you receive for this delightful entry!
A very entertaining and well developed story. I enjoined all the little tasks that your MC went through. Thank you. Keep writing.
God Bless.
Gee I kinda wanted to know what was on that note...
Lively story with a MC that I would like to meet as I like salty folks!
I liked your story telling, but not your food ingredients. We've just started slimming and I'm informed there's salad for lunch - I hate salad and I abhor onions - so I wouldn't be queueing for one of those sandwiches. I saw the complement mis-spelling but wondered if it was a USA spelling, but then remembered you are a good old Yorkshire lass. Thanks for the enjoyable and amusing read.

Colin Swann (Gold Membership)
I really liked this. It was quite the realistic lesson we must all learn at times. I think you did a splendid job of building the suspense. At first, I thought you used the wromf complement (compliment) but now after thinking about it, I think it was a major hint to the type of culprit we should be looking for. Okay after rereading it, I decided you did mean compliments definitely the first time but it's possible that complements the second time was a hint. (What can I say I've been in the hospital for a week. They say it slows down my brain. :))
Congratulations on ranking 30 overall!
Again I blame the hospital or the numbness in my left side for wromf instead of wrong. Ooh boy time for bed. HUGS<3
Loved so many or your word choices it makes your writing unique and definitely adds depth. The story line was good, too. I especially liked the conundrum: taking both the good and bad with a grain of salt. And, finally what we all should be: salt that all should thirst/hunger for salvation. By the way, yes it was WW II : )