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Moving account in this well written and entertaining entry. Thanks.

God bless~
I love this. God often speaks to me through music too. Nice job.
I can identify with sleepless nights and I often play CD's of hymns and psalms in the night, (through ear-phones) I liked the paragraph 'It didn't take long for my restless heart to get the message...until the two beat as one.' A lovely entry for the topic.
I really enjoyed this because I have those three in the morning nights myself. All I have to do remember that all I need He will provide.

Now that song about the Saints is in my head, but I like the song!

REally well done.

Like the honesty, the humour and the confidence that fills this whole entry. Great work.
I often wake in the wee hours to a lovely tune which I take as a special message from God.
It's comforting to know He is working on us even in our unconsciousness. Thank you for this precious reminder.
Excellent treatment of topic in a way that places reader with you in the action. Loved the inclusion of the reader at the end.
"That God entertains my distresses with songs is a welcomed blessing for me because I know that songs for the darkest nights are divine favors as old as the book of Psalm* and as emancipating as Paul and Silass midnight songfest."

I loved this line. Nice job!
This is such a wonderfully encouraging piece! So many of us can relate to the words of a song playing through our minds and bringing us peace and comfort in the dark times.

I especially liked your closing: "whenever my heart is overwhelmed, and my restless mind seeks refuge from the cares of the day, God will repeat what He has done throughout time. He will give a song for my troubled nights and yours."

I also liked how you contrasted the words of "Great is Thy Faithfulness" with the worries of the day! Excellent writing! :)
You have the most beautiful writing -- how one sentence leans into the next or reclines with its own restfulness... I love the fact that we all are on a "journey where there will be no more night." Music is such a wonderful part of my life; it was exhilarating to read how God uses it in your life in the middle of the night to soothe your soul. He has used it in my life many times when I am very distressed / frustrated during the day in worship or waking up from a sleep to "just the right song" on the Christian radio station I have my alarm set to. "Great is thy Faithfulness" is one of my favorite hymns and I was singing it in my spirit throughout reading this very wonderful piece. I also liked the contrast in the two melodies of the songs you chose. You did a wonderful job of repeating God's faithfulness to you.
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