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Very good points in this well written and authentic tale. I could see the entire scenario unfolding before my eyes as I read.

Some individuals love hymns and others love the more modern praise and worship songs. But, the message should be abundantly clear in all's all about HIM and not US. It is to Him we sing, and worship. So, very good point in wrapping it up with those sentiments. Great job with this piece. Loved it.

God bless~
You have addressed a current topic in a thoughtful way. The second sentence,"Her granddaughter bounced to the music beside her" caused a stumble as I was reading. I assumed you meant,"Her granddaughter (beside her) bounced to the music." Your conclusion left a warm feeling and was uplifting.
There are multiple lessons and meanings in here: the familiarity of words; repetition; grandmother/grandaughter interaction. All done in a playful way, which makes even me "bounce" along beside you.
Like Grandma here, it's something I sometimes struggle with, too. I like the way you've presented this in your story. Certainly an eye opener and food for thought...and of course - entirely true. Congratulations on your EC!
I don't know how I missed this one this week, Phee. I really thought I had read all of the level 4 entries. But somehow I skipped over this one. I think it was a God thing, because it has a lot more meaning to me this morning.

My children (all teenagers) are wanting to go on a mission trip to Cuba this summer. As part of the exploring process we went last night to a worship service held by the group from Cuba we would be partnering with. Needless to say, the service and worship music was in Spanish. But as they sang their songs, I FELT the Lord's presence without understanding a single word.

It hit me in that moment, just how true it is that it's about Him and not the band, the singers or the words. Then I discover this wonderful story that I somehow missed and it's like God is speaking directly to me.
What an excellent theme for the topic. You have hit on a subject that so sadly causes so much disagreement and unrest. Surely the enemy loves to halt the praises of God - whether ancient or modern in type. Like many others, I love some of the old and some of the new and have to be careful of wrong attitudes to differing opinions. Thank you so much for illustrating this so powerfully and so well. Congratulations on your EC.
O lovely reminder that it 'isn't the style' simply that we worship Him. I enjoyed the way you presented this topic that often causes division, yet should be a non issue. Congratulations on your EC placing.