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A touch of the Screwtape Letters here, with a very challenging yet positive message tucked into everyday events and thoughts. Great work.
Great job with this well written and entertaining entry. God bless~
This story reminds me of a saying I once heard: Satan trembles when he see a saint on their knees. Loved the creative way you reinforced that truth.
Oops! "sees." :-)
I'm so glad you've taken this approach to your article. CS Lewis' Screwtape Letters and his approach to the devil's work in our everyday lives is too often overlooked. Great job with this and a real eye opener for its thought provoking presentation. Congratulations on your EC!
How could I not think of C.S. Lewis here with him being my favorite Christian author? Congratulations on a well deserved EC win! I loved the comparison between Sara and Hannah. I read this piece to my son and we both noticed how important it was not to ask for the temptation itself to leave but to ask for God's protection, as well as the daily (and many times throughout the day) repetition of laying the temptation / obstacle at the Lord's feet. Thank you so much for this excellent reminder in how to live for Jesus in a way that will bring glory to Him and keep us out of the enemy's claws!
This is packed with lessons to remind us to 'resist the devil and he will flee from you.' An excellent piece of writing that leaves a lasting challenge. Many congratulations on a well deserved EC.
Congratulations on your EC Theresa! God bless~
Clever and potent. I too am a CS Lewis fan and your story could easily have been been a dialogue straight from Screwtape and Wormwood. But the special beauty of your entry is the way it rang true in its evaluation of one of our enemies techinigues appplied to our every day life.
This is a job well done! I appreciate your approach to the topic. Thanks for sharing.