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Wow - this was a powerful and moving piece. Great writing and fabulous message.

God bless~
The topic tie-in with the parrot was genius! You painted a marvelous backdrop, then took us on this grand adventure. I had no idea where the journey would end, but was completely fascinated the whole way. You're ending completely satisfied. This is great!
What a compelling and thought-provoking story with a powerful and important message! (It makes me wonder what my words would tell about me! I hope my legacy will be love as the captain's was!) I could just see the old man in his study with his Bible and his pets! You painted such wonderful visual pictures here! I completely enjoyed this all the way through! Masterful job! :)
Brilliant writing. I was pulled in and loved the old way of speaking you managed to weave through it all. It reminds me of Alex the parrot's last words: "You be good, see you tomorrow. I love you."
This is truly brilliant writing and unique for the topic. I was captivated the whole way through and the ending was perfect. Just one tidgy little thing puzzled me though - who was John in the last lines? Maybe just a typo? Superb story. Loved it.
How silly am I? Ignore my typo comment, it just clicked. Sorry, senior moment!
Good words to be remembered by, indeed! I liked this. Nice job.
A captivating visual journey with an ending worthy of reflection. You've set the bar high in craftsmanship.
This is really special. I truly enjoyed every word, especially the ending. Great job!
You have a wonderful talent for showing as much as telling, and the strength of your story comes through so clearly. Excellent work.
Oh what a sweet ending you gave to this colorful tale!
You made that isolated study of Dudley's seem like the most warm and wonderful place one could be! Everyone need's to have a "Micah" in their lives. Daily accountability... I loved that Micah wasn't in a cage but had the run of Dudley's entire study. The contrast between Micah and Mandy was such a lovely mix as well. You painted such vivid pictures. This was truly a masterful story. I did find myself wanting to know more about your life with Emma before her passing, maybe for a future story? Truly a delightful read!!
Congrats, Loren, for the award on this adventurous creative story!
It's no surprise at all to me that this superbly-written story got an E.C.!! :D You are truly a master weaver of tales, Loren! WAY TO WRITE!!
You amaze me here, as usual, with your storytelling abilites and the way you weave it through fascinating distinctive details. Congratulations on a well-deserved EC.
Congratulations Loren. This is a truly brilliant story.
Congrats -- knew this was a winner; love your writing. Your writing is quickly becoming a favorite of mine at FW. Have a blessed day in Him!
What a wonderful story -teller you are. This was truly amazing to follow through and read. A very well deserved win - many congratulations.
Congratulations on your well-deserved HC. Very skillful writing.
Congratulations Loren on your EC and your HC - both well-deserved! This is a great story. I could imagine this as the beginning of a longer story, a novel maybe. Well done.
Ummmm delicious! Congratulations on your well deserved win for this wonderfully crafted story.
I am just beginning my writing journey. I hope some day to be able to establish a character so fully and quickly. You revealed his soul's heartaches and priorities - partly through a parrot! It is powerful.