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Wow this is awesome! It took me back to when my mom was dying. I had whispered I'll take care of Dad for you. I heard a gasp behind me and saw the realization on his face. My words confirmed what he didn't want to accept. Your story will touch many hearts. It's beautiful.
A tableau of life, death. The assured promises/words of the players that gives us rest. All of it beautifully told.
Tenderly and compassionately written. Well done.
This touched my heart. I think almost everyone who reads this can relate on some level to this tender and well written entry. I thought of my best friend who died four years ago, and she told me, "please look after my daughter, she's going to miss me so much..." I have kept my promise to this day.

Beautiful job.

God bless~
That story brought tears to my eyes. So many of my friends are taking care of or took care of a parent before they died. It was terrific that Preston and Carlie were with the father before he died. It sounds like this a family with no regrets.
Oh, this is so sweet. Nice job with this.
Oh my, tears are welling and my heart is swelling. What a wonderful testament to Jesus in this touching, heart rending story. I see a winner here. God Bless
This is a very touching story, which many people can probably relate to in some degree, because we've sat with a dying relative or we have ourselves worried about what will happen to our loved ones when we're gone. Very well written.
Excellent description of characters and scene in this piece. Easy to picture both inside and out. As a reader, I can put myself in the skin of each of your characters. Profoundly touching.
Anyone who has cared for a dying family member or friend will recognize the authenticity of this piece, and it's gentle caring imagery and truths. Thank you.
Hearty congratulations on your E.C. win for this wonderful piece! :)
Oh how I loved this precious, compassionate piece. The story is a nice gentle surprise because the way that you start it out, it looks as if the couple is fighting, when just the opposite is true. They are drawing even closer together! I love your line about the wife speaking into her husband's sweatshirt as she is grieving. I really liked how in the beginning of the story the cot was cold as the MC was sleeping in it alone. Then later, you bring it back into the story as a way of the MC showing his love for his wife. Both the conversation and the inner dialogue in this story (very well balanced and placed) drew me so much into the mother in law's parlor, as if I were there, looking on. At the end of this story, I felt the MC's loss of a dearly loved family member; the peace that the father in law was finally at rest, and the joy of knowing a special promise would be kept.
Lovely story and poignant reminder of God's provision. Pops only needed to hear that precious promise provided by God through his son in law before finding rest.
Congrats! God Bless~
Beautiful and uplifting! I love your story. Super congrats on your Editor's Choice award!