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This is beautiful. I can feel the love in each word and the rhythm tugs at my heart. It reminds me of a lady in our church who gets excited every day that it is Sunday and she gets dressed for church. Someone commented how sad, but my minister said how awesome though she can't hold onto every memory here mind and heart cling to the church. You reminded me of just how awesome that truly is.
You stirred beautiful memories of my mother-in-law. Though she did not know her family anymore,she joyfully sang the gospel songs from memory when someone came to the nursing home to lead music.
Stunningly beautiful! I love the poignancy and tenderness of your message, and despite dementia the mind can still worship. You have a beautiful message for the caregiver. As always, your meter is excellent. Love this!
Awww, touched my heart. This was superb. Excellent job. God bless~
Poignant poem. I sometimes wonder how much the person knows and feels and just can't express in words anymore.
Right on! Many of the patients I work with suffer from dementia. As soon as I play a familiar old song or hymn on the harp, though, they connect and participate, even if only momentarily. I once had a patient who, after I played "Red River Valley," said, "I can sing that in Latin!" And then he did. All I could figure was that his Latin teacher many decades before had set Latin phrases to familiar tunes to help the students learn. And he remembered!
Title got me. I identified with the "aged" part, sort of. The story embraced the concept nicely, poignantly. Congrats and God Bless.
This is beautiful and brought me nearly to tears. The music aspect is so true - experienced in my grandmother who, despite great memory loss, could still sing 'Danny Boy', word-perfect not long before she died. Music promotes memory, which makes hymns and Christian songs even more important than they are for other reasons. Well written. Thank you.
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