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Oh man what a hoot! I totally loved this. I don't think the smile left my face one. I noticed some tiny errors like staring pistol, now maybe you did mean the gun was staring at someone, but I assumed you meant starting pistol. This is a wonderful satiric piece. I enjoyed every word.
I laughed so hard. Your conspiracy theory works for me.
As my friend, Tony the Tiger, might say - This was just grrreat! :)

Absolutely beautiful. Great timing and pace and your inner dialogue from the hare was perfect.
I don't mean to split hares, but this may be one of your best yet!

Loved it. THanks for sharing.

God bless~
Excellent tongue in cheek humour. I liked the bit about celebrating the win beforehand.
Your conspiracy story is superb. A great idea, a 'just right' pace throughout and so entertaining. Loved it!
You have one amazing imagination! This was such a clever and imaginative piece. The Hare's whole attitude from beginning to end was hilarious, and I loved the way he introduces himself in the beginning. I felt as if he were perched up next to me telling me "his side of the story." I loved the reasons you "invented" for why this hare lost the race; finishing taxes and making sure they are mailed on time; buying the tortoise a card because he's still so sure he's going to win the race. I hesitate to even make some tiny suggestions because your writing is so advanced but there are two that I have to offer. The first is in the 3rd to the last paragraph you use the word Again, both in the same fashion as one another very close together. I would do away with which ever one you don't think is the most important one for the story. My second thought is that I think ending your story with the word "hair" as a play on words is a stronger ending, without the last paragraph. I would just say, "I ran as fast as I could but what do you know, he beat me by a hair." I almost feel guilty about making any suggestions on a writing that is of this standard. You have the most amazing wit! Thank you for the simple pleasure of being able to read something that was just so much plain fun!
If ever they find a way to bottle one's creativity to market for cash, you'll be a billionaire and I'll be first in line at your door! This is just fantastic! Maybe you could do the same with the rest of the famous fables? In addition, there is a certain bit of truth to be taken out of this story, just as in those fables already published!
This is just wonderful! I love the way that you set the story straight. I'm grinning from ear to ear.
Ditto everything above! This made my day. Then I read it aloud to my husband, who loved it.
Ahhh,the best laid plans of a hare to win. Delightful!
Ha-ha!! Clever and funny! I really enjoyed reading a hare's-eye view of this race! It's nice to know the real inside scoop, too! :)
I won't rabbit on - or rab it in, but we thought we knew all there was to this story. Yet you've tortoise so much more!
And the biggest lesson of all is never accept repsonsibility if you can hang it on a conspiracy!
Thanks for a terrific read.
I really enjoyed your take on the tortoise and the hare story. It was most creative and funny. And it's an interesting thing to consider - how often do the 'slow and steady' win the races, especially in modern society!? Thanks.
I've always suspected there was another side to the story (there always is, you know). This was fun and a nice change of "pace" for the challenge this week! Great job.
You've packed this "rest of the story" with an incredible amount of fun! Great work!
Hearty congratulations on your E.C. win!! :)
The line "one hair short of a wig" priceless...did you make that up to suit this entry? If so- hats off to you! But if you borrowed it -Well- really hats off to you anyway because your story was pure genius.
Congrats, God bless~
You put new meaning to the phrase, "Imagination gone wild." :-) Well done.


These are the kinds of stories I love to read (and write). Very funny and well written. I loved the part about it being April 15th and him needing to file his taxes.! Congrats on the EC, Allison!