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This is an awesome piece. I could feel my heart pounding as I read along. I also always enjoy a new word, Inexorably--unyielding, unalterable. What a perfect word for this part of the story. Though the ending was a tiny bit predictable, I still found myself leaning in, eager to read each word.
Riveting and gripping from first to last word.

God bless~
Powerful piece of writing. At first I wasn't sure what tragedy had taken place, but then the light slowly dawned on me.
Oh, this is good. I hope you are planning on extending this, because it feels like there should be a lot more to this story.
I wonder how many will find themselves in this exact situation. I think you captured this well, and I really like your ending sentence.
Great job, with a haunting message. Is there anyone in my family that might be left behind? Years ago a man came to get his family after the evening service and found the sanctuary empty. He remembered hearing about the rapture and thought it had happened, and panicked. When he finally found everyone in the fellowship hall on the other end of the building,he quickly got right with the Lord. True story, and your writing brought it fresh to mind to savor again.
This is truly sobering material, with no contrived answers. Very challenging.
This was so well written as if it were any other every day (tragic though it may be) loss of a single loved one. Only to find out that not only did it involve more than one loved one but only one of the most significant events yet to occur in human history. I love how in the paragraph right before you mention the word "disappearances" you talk about everyone congregating at the church together and being "inexplicably draw." I found myself thinking, "That's odd." but still never in a million years until I got right to that spot thought of the rapture. That is the best kind of writing, where you think it is one thing, like in the movie "A Beautiful Mind" with Russell Crowe, and then you find it is something altogether different. What great potential for a witnessing tool, and I loved the part about the light, as if from the street, shining directly on the Bible, begging to be opened. Thank you so much for this unexpected Rapture story!
I was riveted to this excellent, but sobering story. It made me sad because members of my family could be identified with your MC. Your writing really hits home so that's got to be the recipe for brilliant work.
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