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Loved this cute, fun, adorable piece. Your 'lines,' like, "when my numbers fade," are very clever.

And I'm still smiling.
Okay, this was pretty cute! Loved the comparisons to real life, especially the end when we're "all marked up." That shows we've done our part. Great creativity! Funny what can happen when you get into the mind of a ruler ;-)
I love your creative,clever and out of the box entry. It brought back memories of the good old days of yards, feet and inches and those 12 inch rulers that we had at school. Metric and me don't gel!
This is so cute and creative! I love the ruler's POV. :)
This is brilliant! In grade school I was always fascinated by a ruler, don't know why, maybe because it gave me knowledge. I really loved this, especially the part about staying calm under pressure.

Thank you Lillian, rules to live by and bring a smile!
This is so creative and cute as many others have said, but, no matter the context, those are great life lines. Wonderful job!
Very creative piece here from the viewpoint of a ruler! :) I enjoyed reading the life lines and appreciated the wisdom contained!
Clever, different, and totally entertaining overall. God bless~
Fantastically clever use of topic. I enjoyed it even more the second read through.
But should summons in Life line #2 be summoned?
A treat. A gem. Great voice.
HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS on your E.C. win for this wise and clever piece! WAY TO WRITE!! :)
This is great. Congratulations and a Happy Dance! :-)
Congratulations on EC for this very creative piece. You even managed some great advice in your clever entry.
Congratulations, Lillian! I am still smiling...
Congratulations of your EC! I loved this one.