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This is a very profound and insightful article and I enjoyed it very much. I like the way you have sorted out what is really important in terms of measurement and what is immeasurable. Well done.
The title made me click and the article kept me reading. Loved this! Loved the references and the way you wrapped it up. This would make a wonderful devotional article for a magazine. Well done! :-)
I like this. Yes, we may be "obsessed" with measurements, but I like the reminder of the things that can't be measured as well. Nice job. Oh, and a funny thing... Just today at lunch, my brother and I were trying to figure out Pi past 3.14159... :)
In teen vernacular, this article was REALLY put together. So well crafted. You took the theme and made it live.

I love how you developed each segment and then deftly transitioned to the devotional.

Nothing wrong with your "write brain."
This was excellent and wonderful to read. Your descriptions of the multiple measurements we live by is staggering - your explanations of the most precious things, beyond measure, is thrilling. Thank you so much for this.
Delightful read! God bless~
My goodness, this is so well developed - scholarly, in fact. It is full of conviction and assuredness backed up by truths found in the Scriptures and discerned by a heart/soul knowing God's plan. Wonderful job, Myrna!
Hmmm lots to chew on here, and it tastes very good-well done!
Doing the Happy Dance for you, Myrna. Well done and congratulations on our placing. I sorta knew it was a winner when I first read it. : )
Many congratulations Myrna and very well deserved for this wonderful piece.
Beautiful in so many ways. A well-deserved win. And thank you for a wonderful read.
You did an outstanding job on this piece. Congratulations!
Very well written. Congratulatons!
See, the judges agreed with me.:-) Congratulations!
Myrna, I LOVE how you begin, the all-inclusive measuring instruments. AND then you get to the heart of your message and you made my heart soar. I LOVE the verses from Job that you quoted and your mention of John in the book of Revelation inspires awe. Excellent work!!! Super congrats on your ribbon and EC!
Congrats. God bless~
Congratulations on your 3rd placing which was well-deserved!