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Now that is what I call poetic justice! Loved it! Great detail, great story, so well written! Thumbs up all the way!
lol! I imagine the baker will have his scales repaired next...

My only critique was that, while the opening description painted a stunning word picture, I kept looking for clues as to what the story was about, and didn't find any. Maybe if you found a way to hint at the coming controversy (specifically, not in general of everyone knowing everyone's business), that would create tension and interest right from the start and give meaning to the beautiful imagery.

Fun ending, made me smile. Good job!
I walked every step of the way through the first four paragraphs. Your beautiful word pictures drew me in and I was hoping to find a house for sale. I became a bit lost after that because I didn't know where we were heading, but the last line was perfect. I wasn't expecting it.
It took a while to get there, but when the plot finally arrived, it was worth waiting for.

The title was dead on perfect and the concluding twist reminded me of the speck vs. plank in the Scriptures.
Hehehe This is cute. I suspected it has something to do with the baker, but wasn't sure where it fit. The only thing is if he was using the baker's pound, wouldn't the baker's scale had read the same? Unless there was another "secret" scale the baker used... Hmmmm....
You made me want to live in this beautiful town. Your beautiful descriptions of the hills and rivers and valleys took me far away from the metropolitan area I live in.

This is just extraordinary Oz, it reminded me of the characters in Mayberry on the Andy Griffith show.

I felt like I was there. Loved this excellent writing!

God Bless!
Ha! I knew we were in for an exciting story. I so enjoyed the trip over mountain and stream to get to this obscure village, with its resourceful butcher. :) And as usual, your title is a riot (and perfect for this story). You had some great word choices in this! Great work!
Great ending! Can a village so perfect stay perfect, with humans involved? Shonky weights were the theme of mine too (as will be revealed when names appear). A most enjoyable read.
Ooooh! This was so good and so very subtle. You drew us into the trap so well and, like a good magician, hid the surprise from us unti just the perfect moment. You even very subtlely revealed the charactor of the baker to us, ever so slightly so as not to give away the ending. But, when you know how the story turns out, the fact that the baker almost didn't bring his accusation because the butcher had become one of his best customers, you kick yourself for not having figured it out.

As for your wonderful scenes you draw for us with your words - I loved the part about handing of the baton of shadeing and the part about if you didn't know what you were doing, someone else surely did.

Awesome job on this piece. I absolutely love it!
Very descriptive writing in this interesting story! I love the clever twist at the end, too, and the important lesson contained! Great job! :)
You painted an idyllic setting I wanted to visit then drew me into the drama of accusation. And then wham, the perfect punchline and a grin from ear to ear. Fabulous execution.
Great detail in this well-written entry. It was entertaining and clever, and I simply adored the ending! Nicely done. Great job with delivering a classic theme with a lively message to boot. Thanks...loved it.

God bless~
Oh,this is so clever and (as others have said) a great unexpected twist at the end, taking us all by surprise! Brilliantly written, a lesson to remember, and right on topic. Thankyou for this.
Clever in every aspect and your writing style only added to the pleasure of reading the story. Great job, Noel. Poetic justice, indeed.
Fantastic Noel! Many congratulations. I loved this one so much that I printed it out for my husband to read! A great story - and a message to remember.
CONGRATS, Noel, for your E.C. win this week for your superb piece!! I'm not a bit surprised that you nailed it with this very clever, descriptive story! WAY TO WRITE!!
: ) : ) I knew it! With that O'Henry ending, how could it not place? Great job, Noel, and Congratulations on your EC.
Wonderful story, wonderful suspenseful writing with a heart.
Oh man I should have seen the ending coming but it was a delightful surprise. Congratulations and yes for you, A Happy Dance!
Congratulations on your EC for this beautifully descriptive and utterly delightful story.
Congratulations Max on a very well deserved EC! Great job, once again.
Sorry, Noel...don't know why I called you Max...other than the fact that your writing reminds me very much of a friend of mine who goes by Max. Anyway, it doesn't change my congratulations - I still meant it for you. :)
Super congrats, Noel! This was weighed in the balance and found to be superb! :)
Congratulations on you HC and that ever elusive HC! Great, great story!
I meant that ever elusive EC! Just so excited for you.
Congrats Noel on your win, and EC! I'm thrilled for you. God bless~
Congratulations on your Highly Commended and your EC, Noel. Well-deserved!