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Oh, this is great. I love it. I attended a huge Christian conference between Christmas and New Years, and they had an excellent drama about this story. Perhaps I'll have to send you a link to it. :)
I like the new face you put on the familiar story of the Prodigal Son...Perhaps a little less detail at the beginning of the story.

I'm not sure if this was solidly on topic, but I can see how measuring up or stretching your perspective could be the underlying theme.

I love: "Sometimes when you stretch, you grow."
A great episode of biblical fiction, with the positive twist of Joshua moderating his assessment of his younger brother a little earlier than the parable might have indicated. Very well told.
Nice job on this fresh telling of the prodigal son story! I really enjoyed it as your excellent writing made me feel as if I was a bystander watching the action. Great message at the end, too!
I truly enjoy stories with Biblical facets, truth or fiction. This was a very good piece that was not only well written, but well said.

God bless~
Perhaps I'm being a little slow this morning, but it took me a time to realise the true topic of this story! Wow, a great -retelling and one that gives its own strong message and lessons. Thankyou. Really enjoyed reading this.
Well written and I liked the title - especially after reading the story. I've always wondered about how the story of the character's lives in the Bible continued after the "page" was turned or the chapter ended. This gives an insight into that. Lives needed to go on, interactions necessary, convictions tested and tried. Your writing style and holding true to character makes pondering such things an interesting/contemplative divergence.
This was a great elaboration of the well known parable. I especially liked the part with the older brother eavesdropping and the healing that began as evidenced by his comment about needing some stretching. Excellent ending to a wonderful story.