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I found what you wrote very moving and I do pray that you will sense what you have written in the last two lines 'My life is in Your hands,
And Your blessings are beyond measure.' May God bless you.
I would say your poem sums up many of our lives. Totally not what we expected but hopefully we still praise Him. Very nice job.
This speaks for many of us! Life is not what we dreamed in those teen years, but yet, it's all it God's hands. Beautiful!
I've been at that place of wondering. Yet when I still praise Him, oh the joy that turns my desires of the world into foolishness! Thanks for the reminder.
A faith-filled poem which many of us can relate to and beautifully written. Your title is perfect.
Your writing expresses what's in your heart - and ours. Alas,if only our head could consistently express what's in our heart.

I love the recurring "beyond measure" theme of the last line of each stanza. Reminds me of Psalm 36.
Oops! Psalm 136
Lining our disappointmets against what appears to be the silence of God's judgements can be tough going, but you have combined that reality with a sense of peace and hope. Great job.
My favorite line is "I will try to see your plan." life never goes as we expected, but with faith it can turn out even better. I grew up under the "happily ever after" fairy tale. I thought all I had to do was live in it, but failed miserably on my own.

Thank you so much for this wonderful piece. Excellent.
What a thought-provoking piece this is. I'm not qualified to say anything about a poem's rhyming or other technical points of its construction, but I can tell you that the honesty and genuine reflections you share are something that I believe all of us go through at some point.

Whenever I find myself looking back on my life and playing the "what if?" game, I try to ask myself which of God's great gifts in my life I'd be willing to give up to have the life I dreamed of having. My beautiful loving wife? Any of my four awesome chldren? Some of the friends I have in my life right now?

I know that if life had gone according to my plans, I wouldn't have any of things AND probably still wouldn't have the things I once dreamed of. Your poem reveals that message so honestly and gently that I found myself reading it again. I hope everyone who ever feels sorry for themself and wishes things had gone differently has an opportunity to read this at some point.

I love how your poem shows that everything God does and has for us is "beyond measure"! :) Praise Him for that!
Beyond measure....I chewed on that theme for a bit and it morphed with the scripture that His thoughts are not our thoughts and His ways are not our ways. We may never know all the eternal ramifications of His plan as we walk with Him. Thank you for this profound poem.
Prolific and riveting. Thank you. God bless~
Beautiful job! If only we could come with a specific owner's manual, unique to God's plan for our particular life, so that our parents could read it to us from the very beginning...we might find the "I never dreamed my life would turn out like this" a thing of the past, instead of the oh-so-familiar refrain of us all! But, where would the faith )or fun!) be in that? Obviously, your poem has universal application.
Humbly and beautifully put - Praise God - Always. You've said it in a way that the remembering of this simple (but difficult at times) wisdom from God can more easily be brought to mind. Very nice job.
Congratulations on ranking 12 in Masters and 17 overall!