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Oh how true! The clutter war is a very real battle around my house too. I liked the way the actions of the characters showed their personalities. You didn't have to tell us that Tom was a neat freak and the MC was a "saver/stasher". You didn't have to tell us Adam was a little boy who loved to play or that the girl was probably a teen. Well written. I did have a little trouble actually visualizing what the MC did to the bed--probably due more to my lack of visulization than your writing.
I love this! What a touch of comedic timing you have. The pace is great and the image of Tom trying to sleep on his side of the bed without falling off is hilarious - because you just know he's bull-headed enough to try it before finally giving in and fixing that breakfast bar.

Great job!
This story made me laugh. I am the clutter bug, and the husband in the story would have divorced me by now.
A great story! I hope it's not true!! It's well written and dramatic. And, yes, flat surfaces at my home collect things all the time!
Humor is difficult to write, but you do it with expertise. I loved the story and the wit, although I couldn't help feeling a little sad at Tom's obsession with perfection. LoL

Nicely done!
You have a knack of entertaining the audience with words that touch the reader on so many levels.

Fantastic writing and wonderful way of presenting the topic.

God bless~