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HaHaHaHa! Here's another lady who quite often has a bladder malfunction when reading your words. This one began with the camel invading the embroidery session and from there all hope of containment was gone.

This is so packed full of funnies and I love the way you portray Jesus' sense of humour. I've long suspected he has one.

There's nothing more off putting than a po-faced preacher. I don't imagine you'll ever become one of those!
Times and seasons, Brother, times and seasons! Why do they call it a 'learning curve' when you fall flat? And why is it so difficult to bounce back from a prostrate position? At least you didn't follow your ouch with a grouch. God bless you.
I, too, am happy to think of the Lord having a sense of humor, and I especially enjoyed the verses you mention. What a contrast between congregations and their reactions to the same story. Your title (and pun) are perfect! :) ...and I must remember this phrase, "those who equate long frowns with deep spirituality. " You are truly a writer, blessed (happy) after God's own heart.
Funny, funny, funny..clever, clever, clever...You have such a way with "non-words." Pulpit-ations, indeed! :-)
Love this! And what makes it better is that it's true. Thanks for sharing...and for the laugh. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to run to the restroom. :-)
A great tale and true too! Humor is an absolutely essential ingredient in a preacher's toolkit. And God created us to enjoy humor, as Jesus obviously did. And some enjoy it more than others, as in your story. Definitely better to be the quip appreciaters than the 'dead'!
I've got to share this with my son-in-law who is a pastor. He'll love it like I did. Good job! God bless!
Gotta love it when an accidently joke works great on one audience and falls totally flat on another, lol
Is humor in the heart of the beholder? haha...maybe some of the older generation loses their ability to see humor as time goes on. Not me, mind you, but some. Anyway, this a a humorous, light story, and brightened my spirit. Excellent writing, and I thought the joke was funny. I loved the way you explained Jesus' sense of humor.
I know that I know that I know our Creator has a sense of humor simply by experiencing all the oxymorons of daily life. I liked your clever demonstration of Jesus' numerous examples of His humor in scripture. Great job.
This was ingenious! I loved it so much...great job. I have always said Jesus has a sense of humor...he has to, look around!

WOnderful piece of writing. Simply brilliant.

God bless~
Oh, that silent sound of a joke falling flat is misery to the teller anyway, but to have it come after the same joke erupted people (and bladders) with laughter elsewhere, would indeed be perplexing. But don’t feel bad; as you so masterfully told; many people can’t even appreciate Jesus’ humor. Laughter is good for the soul. Proverbs 17:22 says, "A merry heart does good like a medicine." But even the JOY of the Lord, erupting and expressed in laughter or dancing, is nearly enough to give some a heart attack! Whatever silenced that elderly crowd that day may forever go unanswered, but one thing for sure, they gave you a great story, that covered the topic well, gave a powerful message and was a very enjoyable read!