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This is a great story, perfect for the topic. I loved the sweet ending with a humourous twist.
Loved this story! Very well written. I had to pull out my Webster's to look up the word frisson. I love to learn new words!
I see a blossoming here...of love and life! A delightful picture.
Loved the title, and the gentle energy throughout. I thought you were going to be very brave and describe each of the dance steps, but you cleverly took us into the whole picture. A very enjoyable read.
Hehehe This is great. The funny thing is as I was reading the "ONE two three" part, I had a song playing that just happened to be in 3/4 time. And I read "one" as I got to beat "one" so I read it in perfect timing with the song. :)
A well written story. I think Bob did better than me when I tried dance classes.

Colin Swann (GOLD)
Fun story to read, nicely done. Thanks.
God bless~
This story is sweet, but it is strong as well. Well crafted, carries reader along with great details. Makes you feel like you are there.
This is such a sweet story. I don't know much about dancing and I think my dog has more rhythm than I do. Still I could see the sweet husband bumbling about all for the sake of love.
Ahh this breathed life into my spirit. So lovely- it captured the harsh reality of separation and then blew that sweet soft breath of hope that I felt so personally. Convicted me a bit too, but I think that was part of your intention Aye?
Nice story. He dances like I do. Well, maybe a little better.
As I said in an earlier post, I loved this. So happy to see it was given an EC win. Congratulations!