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Wow! This exquisite writing has an amazing emotional effect on this reader; haunting, playful, ethereal, taking me to your world of shadow. Just the supposition concerning a shadow bloom (I love it). The comparison with the wind and light upon the shadow is stunning. This is pristine poetry cloaked as prose. Amazing word choices here!
The imagery abounding throughout this magnificent entry is stunning--and thought provoking. Great take on the topic!
Such luxuriant word pictures that stir all kinds of reflection, yet with a clarity that shifts a gasp of amazement to a grasp of reassurance. Brilliant work that reflects your closeness to God's creation.
This is a masterpiece of poetic prose--each word building on another in descriptions of nature's beauty and its relation to memory.
Wow this is so deep. I would guess I could read it many times and each reading God would put something new on my heart. It takes a great deal of talent to write something with so many layers that can touch hundreds of people each in a new and different way. There is such power and hope in these words. It definitely gives me many things to think about.
Another amazing almost overwhelming description of something that is usually so predictably dimensional. Stunning piece of work.
a mystical and mesmerizing work of art!
This is great.

I got just a bit lost in the first paragraph, and actually felt this read more as a poem. I almost felt like it needed more line breaks. BUT that is probably just me.

This is awesome. Very well written.
Very descriptive writing. Nice!
Excellent job with this lovely and descriptive piece. I enjoyed it. Thanks!
God bless~
WOW! Again. This is breathtakingly beautiful and moving. I'm totally in awe of your amazing gift. Keep 'em coming.
Congratulations for ranking 20 overall!!