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Very enjoyable read that offers a warm invitation into the world of teenage thinking, but just how old Einstein's relative was, we aunt sure...
Your positive challenge wraps it up very well.
This is a great story. You had me grinning and nodding my head and wanting to shout out I have thoughts just like that too! You did a nice job of writing on topic and it was a fun read.
Your story was a fascinating look into a teenagers mind that woefully resembles my own crammed full to overflowing cranium! Great humorous read-thank you.
Reminds me of some my own angst from time to time. Well done and the bringing up the Book of Revelations was inspired.
This piece was very cute and curious and thought-provoking! :) I liked the inquisitive, "seeking for truth" nature of your MC, and his eccentric Aunt Bertha was also intriguing.

This passage made me laugh: "‘When the trumpet of the Lord shall sound, and time shall be no more.’ The song… aunt Bertha’s song; she warbles one each morning after her creamy porridge and lightly boiled egg.

I was a youngster when I asked the Lord to play his trumpet quietly, so Father Time wouldn’t snuff it. I was a strange kid!"

You managed to deliver a good message in this humorous entry! :) Good job!

Well-done! Thanks.
God bless~