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This is pretty awesome for being written in your sleep. Loved the last bit especially. I love number sequences like that. My red ink is that I might have emphasized a bit more that getting to heaven isn't about being good, but you did kind of touch on that. Cute story!
The superstition that held her captive was quite fascinating and had a humorous streak for this reader. I especially enjoyed the aspect of the December 21st day in light of all the current media coverage. I was completely wrapped-up in your story and thought your message was superb.
Yikes, my comments on your article went somewhere else, hmmm? Well, in any case, I loved the very real inter-play between the sisters. The message is a timely one and this is a terrific way to give the adults the truth they need. Nicely done, with believable dialogue and super descriptions.
Fine, fine, superfine! Loved it, it's the kind I would like to keep on reading.

Excellent piece!

God Bless, Lynn
Love it! Reminded me of a cartoon I saw recently of two Myans looking at the Myan calandar. The guy holding it said, "I only had room to go to 12-21-12." The other guy says, "That's gonna really freak somebody out someday."

Thanks for pointing out that nobody knows the day or the hour, so we need to live each day to the fullest.
Shann, this is great. Especially for writing it in your sleep! I'm impressed! I promise, this isn't as bad as you claimed. I didn't even see any errors. :) Nice job.
You wrote this in your sleep? That's snooze to the rest of us. I enjoyed your characters and their interaction, when at first it was going to be about a numbers racket. It's sad how people get caught up in majoring on minor issues like numerology, though I recall that Jesus warned his disciples about the (e)leaven of the Pharisees :-)
Great work.
Very well-written with a good message. Your dialogue was spot on and kept the story going in a very believable way. Super job and food for thought who might otherwise believe that time is in God's hands. Always has been, always will be.
Your story's sibling rivalry was believable, as I have a sister, too! :) Good food-for-thought about not letting our fears about the future distract us from living our lives well in the present! Nice job! :)
Nicely done...this was a joy to read. Thank you.
God bless~
Splendid dialogue between siblings. You kept me mesmerized throughout this unique 'end times' story through a youngsters perspective. Well done!
Shann, this was incredible. I loved the dialog and interaction between the sisters. This reminded me just how easily swayed many of us are which makes it all the more important to know what God's word says. From the other comments, it sounds like you wrote this in your sleep and may not feel that it is very good. I disagree, it is amazing.