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What a time-line! what a great illustration of the brevity and measurement of life. I loved this - perhaps (because in my bizarre way) a couple of birthdays ago, I worked out the number of days I had lived! Sad, eh? A great article for the topic. Thankyou
This really makes one stop and think. I liked what you did with this--how you showed a fast a second can go by and how much we can do with the time we are given. I'm also impressed with the math skills. Part of me wanted to find out the days, years in each line but that would be several thousand seconds that I could use praying for the author of this delightful piece and a much better use of my time. God bless. :)
You've given us a lot of 'second' thoughts here, with a very interesting and creative approach to the topic. Well done.
THis was so well crafted and a clever entry that held my attention throughout.
Thanks. God bless~
This is very creative and thought-provoking. I hope your counted out all those seconds! Great work.
I am so glad this was placed with an EC. I love it. Thank you again and congratulations on your placing.
Excellent time chronology of a life from birth to death! I wish all people could exit time to go into an eternity with God, as your MC did! CONGRATULATIONS on your E.C. win! WAY TO WRITE!! :)
Absolutely wonderful from someone who just celebrated their 2,019,686,400th second on earth and trying to be accountable for each one. God bless.
Clever use of the topic. It really puts the specified moments we are given in perspective. Good job.
I don't know what inspired you to write in this format, but WOW is it powerful I didn't think I'd like it at first, but at the end, I caught my breath, scrolled up and down the long, but brief, life you chronicled and knew it was excellent.