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I enjoyed this. I thought there might be a few time-travel stories this week but this one is a bit different. It reminded me a bit of the Root Cellar. I really enjoyed it. You did a great job of building the characters and the ending was a perfect example of showing instead of telling.
I find this a thoroughly engaging tale and enjoyed it very much...but it left me with goose bumps. Psychosis and mental illness don't worry me, but time travel and paranormal activity freak me out. I've no idea why. However, this is just me and doesn't detract from your excellent and 'out of the box' story.
Wonderful story...the long haired guy and mini skirt brought back memories for me. I would love to read this in a whole would rival Danielle Steele.

God Bless, Lynn
An interesting read. I thought the ending was somewhat abrupt, probably due to word count. Great dialogue.
Enjoyable and credible. Well written dialogue between the Doctor and reticent patient.
Very engaging - even though poor Dr Joan didn't get to be engaged at the end.
Loved the interaction for its credibility and gentle warmth. Well done.
Intriguing and I'm left to wonder if he didn't come back - in his own way. A taunt or a comfort? A good story with many dimensions and avenues to consider.
Very intriguing, well-written story. The dialogue was excellent and believable, and I liked the two main characters. I know it was fiction, but the whole issue of time travel was a bit eerie to me. I've often wished I could step back in time and observe scenes from the past, though! :) Great writing!
Great tale this entry. And the dialogue held an air of authenticity. I enjoyed it immensely. Thanks.
God bless~
A great read. Your story seems as if it should be part of a bigger story. Maybe you'll write more(?)Time travel fiction like yours asks us to suspend belief and we can do that for fiction.
Congratulations for ranking 12 overall!