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I absolutely love this!
Well organised and written. I especially chuckled at the thought that Jesus answers might be found in Scripture - so many people just aren't satisfied with that. I wonder why? God bless you.
Oh, this is great. I love it. It actually caught my eye earlier, but I wasn't able to comment. So I'm glad you tossed your brick to direct me to it again. :D Nice job.
Oksy., this is the best thing I have read in awhile. The message is strong and clear and I am so happy for Gracie! Loved this!

God Bless, Lynn
GREAT story!! GREAT writing!! GREAT message!! :) The adults obviously had not been reading, studying, and meditating on God's Word, or they would have known the answers to their questions. Only the little girl asked something that was not already given in Scripture. She trustingly asked what was on her heart at that moment, and those are the things Jesus delights to answer! Excellent job with this! :)
Great message with a cute ending. I could picture everyone in the audience pushing and screaming wanting to know the answers... yet they already did. Great job.

God bless!
Captivating entry. You provided an excellent dialogue and story line. I enjoyed it very much.
Haha, cute and good points! My red ink is that if Jesus's glory was there, I think the people would be more in awe and less rude. Perhaps having a messenger bringing messages back or Jesus in his ordinary human form would have still allowed the people their irritation. Also, generally fiction lists the Bible references at the end instead of putting them in the middle of the story. But those are minor things in a great story. Can't wait until I get to hear you ask Him that question, haha!
Loved that disarming query at the close. A creative mix of imagination and clear scriptural truth.
Great story! Thanks for the reminder that bible answers a lot of the questions we have. Except, of course, whether we will need potties in heaven!

Thanks for sharing!
Terrific take on the topic. I agree with all of the other comments above mine. I have only one question: Do you have Gracie's email address? I want to know the answer to her question. Nice job.
Terrific take on the topic! You've done a good job focusing on the truth of what many adults find troubling. Somehow, the truth is sometimes a bit easier to take in the form of something "meant" for children. The inter-play between the sisters was well-written and easy to believe. Excellent job!
So sorry for my senior moment here. The last comment was to go with the article on the topic "time" with the two sisters. not at all sure how this mistake was made, nor how it is that I began with the same sentence...not what i remembered, but, sigh guess it isn't only the hair that has some grey areas!
I adored this! It was so well written, I felt as if I were sitting in the crowd taking it all in. I especially loved Jesus' interaction with the child and her's with him. So open. I've heard so many people say that they are going to ask Jesus certain questions when they get to heaven and you so eloquently showed us that our answers are right in our Bibles.
"Three Questions" was beautifully written. It was a great way to bring forth the topic "Irritated". Great Job! It was a reminder to all, that we must enter the kingdom as a child.