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This is a lovely story. You're right that no one darns socks anymore as I wondered what a darning egg was. :) I think the transition between the sock and the gown was seamless. You wove the topic throughout the story with ease. I also really liked the ending. It was set up to think her husband would be there but how powerful to find Jesus instead. Great job.
Oh, this was a beautiful story, and the ending was just perfect! Your excellent writing let me see the whole thing unfold before my mind's eye! Very hopeful, very inspiring!
This gives my soul peace and joy. What a beautiful story and a comfort to me. Excellent writing and brought teas of happiness to my eyes.

God Bless
A lovely story that I thoroughly enjoyed. This was excellently written with an inspiring ending. Thanks!

Colin (Gold Member)
This is good. I guessed pretty quickly the white gown was a "passageway" to her Heavenly home. Nice job.
Oh what a beautiful, captivating story. I love all the tidgy, tweeny detail that carried it smoothly along to a delightful ending. Superb!
You drew me into your lovely story subtly. As I realized where you were heading I was even more enamored at your masterful use of words to heighten my sense of expectation. Well one!
What a beautiful account of transition into what we cannot begin to imagine. Loved the inner thoughts profile of your MC. Excellent material.
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