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Great title. Loved the concept of heaven and the white robe we're all striving for. There are a few areas where I would suggest different word usage/grammar.

I'm impressed with your ability to write dialogue ( I assume it's Australian - my apologies if I'm wrong.:-)

I looked all over for information on how to write British and Scottish dialogue, and found little. Perhaps you should start a website:-)
Wow! This is an outstanding piece. You grabbed my attention from the very beginning and held it to the end. Oh what a great message is in this piece, I imagine different people will receive a different message depending on what God wants them to see. I think you did a grand job and it was out of the box and fresh.
Oh wow. This is great. This is so creative. I loved the ending, especially.
Lady Katrina was mighty lucky to escape the reward Dives got in the Bible story of Lazarus and Dives. This piece reminded me very much of that. I hope we don't have Dives crying foul out of hell fire!
Very interesting!

Colin (Gold Member)
You have no idea how much this piece means to me. Outstanding! It's one of those I read on and on, it would make a fabulous book! Powerful message and thank you SO MUCH!

God Bless
This is such a creative piece with the concept of heaven you portrayed. It certainly held my attention throughout and the overall message was spot on. Great stuff!
Oh, I loved this clever and creative story! It shared an important message in an engaging way. Great job! :)
Superb from the title through the story line to the message you conveyed. Inspired use of the topic!
Loved the tension building throughout, and the clincher in values at the end. And in mentioning "dirty Harry," you've "made my day!" At least she knew his name, unlike Dives' ignorance of Lazarus. Great work.
CONGRATULATIONS, David, on your E.C. win for this great story!! WAY TO WRITE!! :D
Wow this is quite a story and immensely powerful. Congratulations on your EC.