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I really enjoyed this. It had a face pace that matched the light- heartedness of the verses, yet in the end had a great message. This was a delightful read.
I love this! It just flowed beautifully and took me back a few decades with the rouge thing. Thank you so much for brightening my morning!


God BLess
Yeah, good message, light-hearted though it is. I think Modesty has had a lot of bad press lately, even in Christian circles. This is a good reminder. Clever bit of poetry too, although I'm not into slanting rhyme myself. That's just me.

Unfortunately, I feel that Miss Prim doesn't relate well to the main target audience: our younger generations (?) I know it's a bit of fun, but even I (a 62yo) got a bit annoyed at Miss Prim. She came across rather judgmental and legalistic. If she had gone through a humbling experience and changed somehow, I'd have a lot more respect for her.
But then, I hardly know her. :}
This is cute.

I actually kept thinking that the "lesson" was going to be for Miss Prim that dress wasn't everything and that it's what's on the inside that counts, and I feel that should have been alluded to in some way, even if were just a mention that our outside appearance should reflect our faith and inner beauty.

I still liked this over all, though, and found myself smiling throughout. Nice job.
This flowed smoothly...easy to read...God bless and thanks for sharing...
Short, sweet and cute! I can see the wise message here but it reminded me of my early church days. Being new to church, my first impression was that it was all about looking and acting the part. There was so much emphisis on this, that the true message of salvation passed me by. I have bad memories of people's judgemental attitudes. Having said that I enjoyed your fun poem. It was cute and catchy.
Witty poem with a timeless albeit straight-laced :-} message. Our outer appearance can detract from our inner beauty and magnificence as children of the king. Moderation and balance is key in my mind. Besides why paint a house with so many colors that you can't see the original work of art who the Lord designed?
However I have also heard a few folks joke that if the barn needs painting-by all means paint it. I don't know I think we are all created beautiful in our Masters eyes.
Cute poem! I did believe that the message was going to be about Miss Prim being old-fashioned and judgmental so was a bit surprised by your ending. I do agree with it, though! :)
Enjoyable but a little tight within its economy of words. I would have liked to see some extra emphasis on healthy attitudes, more than on warnings, but overall well done.
Most enjoyable! This is a gem . . .