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Wow this is a bit of brilliance. You told so much more than what was on the paper. It reminds me a bit of what I was trying to do with my story last week, but you did an outstanding job. We all have stereotypes and prejudices--once we admit that then we can start saving the world...of, at least, one person at a time. Again I say Wow!
Sobering and thought provoking. An excellent entry with underlying shadows of society overall.

Nicely done. God bless~
This is awesome and so thought-provoking! Love the contrasting, back & forth style. Excellent!!
This is brilliant. Out of the box, grabbed my attention and held it. Without many words it speaks volumes. Wish I'd thought of it first. Excellent!
Wow! This one struck me hard in the chest, and it took me a while to get back up.

This is my favorite line:

"God bless you," I say, as I bow my head and tip my cap to him. Wow. Some people are so generous. It makes my heart sing.

Brought tears to my eyes. And the way you added those last two lines, same as the title, same as each other, but poles apart in meaning-- was nothing less than brilliant.

Excellent story. You did a great job at portraying the two characters. My heart reached out to the man, while I would have loved to give the woman a good talking to. Great writing and a great message.

God bless!
This is the reality of our culture in many parts of the world. Stereotypes still exist and most likely always will. It's the scammers that ruin it for the ones who truly need the help. Seeing people with signs for help are not unusual at all in my town. I support our Food Pantry on a continual basis;and I pray for those holding the signs when I see them.
Excellent, just excellent....I always assume the ones I give to are of the second one you wrote about....

Clever, unique and compelling.

Thank You
Wow! This is so convicting. It makes me think about how I look at those who are in this position. Thank you for sharing this.
You have done an excellent job with this. The contrast between the two beggars works really well and is confronting. While 'we' may not discriminate on this basis we probably all discriminate in our own ways. Thanks for writing this.
Congrats on your placement. This entry touched me. I worked in downtown Phoenix for a ministry for 19 years and this is all too real! God bless!
Congratulations! Good job, excellent writing!
Allison, There's little more to say than what has been said. Brilliant, creative, and an unabashly honest statement about societal prejudices. I love the unique way you tackled the top "Cup."

Congratulations for a true "Pulitzer Prize" entry.
Now, I just need to learn the new technique for removing/correcting my statement.:-)

It's "topic" not top.
Congratulations Allison. I suspected this would win. Brilliant work!
I want to cry ... for both the homeless man who needs help and the lost soul who also needs help, but of a different kind. Outstanding fiction.
Absolutely fabulous interpretation of the topic! So clever and unique young lady. Well done.
Congratulations Allison on winning 1st place. Not really unexpected for this great piece of writing.
I've seen both sides here in AZ. You are spot on with this. Congrats on top honors, Allison.
A well deserved win. Congrats!
Woah. This is intense. I wasn't intending to read it, (because I was supposed to be doing something else) but once I caught the first line, I was intrigued to find out about this bolding non-bolding stuff. Stereotypes/ racism is hard/sad stuff. My brother (who is black), is the cleanest cut nicest man in the world tells me stories of walking down the street and people casually walking faster because they think he's up to no good. Just sad. Your writing is excellent. Thank you for writing so often! And for winning so I found your stuff! God bless!