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This was a delight to read, it made my heart smile from beginning to end.

God Bless~
A very descriptive and absorbing read. Excellent material, with a creative twist in the topic. Well done.
Your piece is brimming with its quirky character and descriptive details, and is a testament showing one's heart is seen in actions.
I LOVED your story. I am from Scottish decent and we always sang 'Auld Lang Syne' at New Years, but I never knew the meaning till now. Thanks for sharing.

God Bless!
This is a great story. You did a wonderful job of building your characters and the suspense. I like how you painted an air of mystery.

I do have some tiny nitpicky red ink--the ellipses should be used to show words are missing from the song, yet the ones you quoted where all in the proper order. If you had done it like For auld lang syne, my dear ... we'll take a cup of kindness yet. then the ellipses would indicate that words were missing. Also it should be piqued not peaked(curiosity) and an em dash has no spaces on either side and is two hyphens together like this--and I do realize these are little things.

However, I really enjoyed this story and could see it in a magazine once it's polished a tad. Not only does it have many messages but it is a story that many people can relate to. How many times do we judge people too quickly? This brought tears to my eyes and really touched my heart. I also think you were on topic but in a fresh and meaningful way. This is a delightful read.
I noticed my error as I hit submit. In the original Scottish version it would have been my jo not my dear. My nitpicking aside, I want to once again stress how much i enjoyed this lovely story!
This was a fun story. It was well written with good flow. Aside from the point or moral of the story, which was good, I enjoyed it because it was so unusual. It kept my attention throughout.

I loved your vivid descriptions that helped me "view" the story as it unfolded! This was a creative take on the topic, and I enjoyed it very much!
Lovely spellbinding story! Thoroughly enjoyed it and wished it could go on a few chapters.