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This is an awesome piece. You do a brilliant job of painting a picture for me that I could so relate to. It also made Jonah's story much more relevant to my life today. I could so totally relate to your MC and think you did an amazing job of writing on topic while bringing all kinds of thoughts and emotions from me.
That struggle against the ways of God is well described, and foolish indeed it is. God has great mercy and patience, doesn't He? You used wonderful words and put them together beautifully.
Beautiful. I love your word choice and descriptions. Great ending verse too.
Wonderful. This poem has such good phrasing. I love how we have no clue what you're writing about until near the end, and we're forced to reread it because it's so well written. This piece is excellent. Congratulations!
Beautiful interpretation by one of the apostle Paul's shipwreck companions of the ordeal. I absolutely loved it!!
Truly ingenious and a well deserved win.
Nancy, This is such an artistically and masterfully crafted telling of the Bible story. Simply amazing. I love what you've created here!