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Only someone who hasn't been disarmed by looking a devoted dog in the eye could not be touched by this story. Beautifully written.
Beautifully written, animals are God's special creatures and, personally I believe a "gift" for those of us who are blessed enough to know that they are just that, and MORE. Loved this. Thank you. It touched my heart.

God bless~
I absolutely love this story. My heart fluttered when you mentioned Lumbo's name. What a great job of developing the dog's character.

The only red ink I saw was owners drug use instead of owners' drug use. That was inconsequential.

You did a wonderful job of grabbing my attention immediately. I could relate because when my cat had kittens she would allow our dog to babysit and the dog even produced milk! (She never had puppies but produced milk 4 times!) The ending was spectacular as well. There is so much emotion in this story and I'm sure it will touch many and comfort those who need or have a Lumbo in their lives.
What a delightful dog story! I loved the descriptions of how Lumbo tenderly carried the little kitten in his mouth and how he protected the girl he lived with. This was nicely written!
What a sweet, tender, loving story. I could sense and especially feel everything you were saying. Great job and congratulations - very well deserved!
CONGRATULATIONS on your E.C. with this sweet animal tale!
Congrats Shirley! Great job! Be blessed!
Thank you for this beautifully written tribute to my favorite species. Loving, loyal and definitely funny as one of the breed gnaws on my toes under the desk! You captured their essence in those few words at the end.
Congrats and God Bless~