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I couldn't believe the similarities of what happened at the funeral home when family went to view my mother-in-law on the day of her funeral. My father-in-law stood directly by my side and as he spoke these words "darling, I'll miss you so," he fell into me weeping. This emotion was so out-of-character coming from a man to his wife of many, many years. I had never in all the years I knew these people ever heard an endearing comment made, yet on the day of this lady's funeral, he turns emotional. What a tragedy, in my opinion, to have wasted all those years before expressing how he really felt toward her. You brought some painful memories back, but you did it in such a way that as I read your entry, it kept flowing smoother and smoother. I think you did an excellent job in presenting this scenario. It IS "funny" how life can be sometimes and you sure captured these people's lives. My only concern was I took pause when you started speaking of Deidre and "her" mother. I stumbled just a bit in that regard. Otherwise, this was an excellent story on the topic.
You have captured the irony of so many couples who disguise their love so well.
This was such a sad story, but extremely well written. Interesting that the way you turned the "topic" over to the other side.

God bless~
Well this certainly held my attention. I thought you'd been spying on me and hubby. Though I'm not yet dead!
What a sad story! I felt sorry for the two who were either afraid or unable to speak of or demonstrate their love for each other. There was an important message here for many people.
This is a powerful story. I could feel the pain not only of the MC's but of all of the characters. I truly expected once the kids were gone that the parents would rediscover themselves and why they got together in the first place.

The only red ink I have is I don't think you needed to use the word funny in the first paragraph and in the last. For me it was obvious that it met the topic of funny strange not funny ha-ha.

Your words tell a powerful message and though I often find fault with my parenting, this story really boosted my morale and made me realize that even though our kids couldn't have new cars or a gorgeous place to call home, they had so much more--our unconditional love and respect. What else could one ask for? Beautiful piece.
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