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Hmmmmm...Those tacos really sounded delicious! :) I usually eat fairly healthfully, but on vacations I "ease up" a little and enjoy more treats. Your MC had a lot of fun with her cousins and a tasty time sampling each area's specialties!
This is a charming story. I liked how you associated each trip with a favorite food.

My red ink would be that it was hard to follow the trips and cousins and timeline. I think if you had focused maybe on just one it might have helped because you would have more room for details.

However, I also believe this entry will be a cherished family member and a few times a year, you'll dig it out and reminisce about how even during hard times you all managed to pull together. There's something extra special about this bond with the four cousins. It made me a tad jealous and sad that my kids aren't close to their cousins, nor was I super close to mine. You've definitely taken me on a special journey and I enjoyed the trip.
Please tell me this is true....because I want it to be. :) I want to know where those tacos are sold too. This girl gang of cousins were delightful, an enjoyable. :) Sign me up. :)
No, it's not a true story. I have 3 girl cousins, but didn't grow up with them, and never met 2 of them until I was in my 20s. The story was just my brain at work, wondering what might have been. Thanks for reading though, and for the comments.