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Wow! very moving story and very well written. I enjoyed this start to finish! God job!God bless!
Touching and profoundly gripping. Nicely done.

God bless~
Lovely story. And well written. Just one question - should the 'bulging utters' of para. 2 be 'bulging udders'? Perhaps a colloquialism? God bless you.
Nicely told story. Made me sad, but also put a smile on my face because of the hard work of father and son to bring "spring" to the mother.
What a sweet story. Sad, but yet filled with so much hope. Loved it!!
I absolutley adored this story. It was clever in so many ways. The first thought of lemonade is often sour not sweet, but a little sugar and a lot of love can turn a pucker into a smile. Clyde manged just that.

I did notice one tiny error, forgive me for I did grin a bit(but with love) Growing up across from a farm taught me that it should be udder not utters. :)

The repetition of Papa never lies was done just perfectly. It stressed so much, a parent's love for a child, the child's love in return and best of all our Papa in Heaven never lies either. You captured the topic in a bittersweet way. This story has a great deal of depth, I believe many will harvest different fruit from your labor of love.