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I enjoyed your funny story that anyone could relate to. Sometimes you do have to be mentally prepared for the trials of food shopping. I stay away from large supermarkets and shop at night to avoid most confrontations. Great job!
I had the tampons on my mind all the way through. I just knew you were going to forget them. I enjoyed the humour in this entry and the frustration we're all familiar with in those dreaded places. Nice job!
Your interesting take on the topic reminds me how glad I am now to be buying groceries for just us two.
Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! I loved this! Loved the last line especially. So good.

Great job. God bless~
I really enjoyed your story about the frustrations of grocery shopping at supermarkets. I can relate to this! My 94 year old mother says that shopping was much easier in the olden days - give your order to the grocer, little choice. We have way too much choice and too many decisions to make on each shopping trip. Well done.
I loved this story and giggled several times. I often get overwhelmed with the choices too. The tow truck line was hysterical. Great writing!
What a hoot! Having four daughters, I made that trip many times for that vital item, only to drag home so much more. Delightful and well written. Good job! God bless!