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When I retired I told myself I would do the coupon thing. Alas, I do not like to grocery shop, wanting to get in and out as soon as possible, and discovered the coupons take TIME! *sigh* Good job with this story. God bless!
Loved this! The comment about the Mountain Dew made me laugh out loud! Good writing.
I admit to loving to shop for groceries and enjoyed your fun descriptions. I learned early on that coupons were useful only for groceries I normally buy and occasionally, for one I might try.
This story was delightful and made me smile broadly!

Nicely done, and well told.
God bless~
Grocery shopping and couponing can be exasperating...i enjoyed it more reading your fun entry:)
This was such a delight to read. I could picture me there (and I have been in so many of your descriptive scenes). You covered just about everything that can and sometimes does happen while shopping for groceries. I thoroughly enjoyed your entry. Good job!
I enjoyed this story for many reasons. The first is that the husband enjoys shopping. The next is the subtle sense of humor. You made me feel like I was right in the store peering over your MC's shoulder.
I love this - great humour, fun and (sadly) reality! Your descriptions of 'fellow shoppers' are brilliant - and accurate! Thanks for mkaing us smile.
I was right there walking the aisles with you. I've never been a coupon junkie--house brands are usually the better deal. And when I do save a coupon, it's usually expired when I go to use it! Enjoyed your humorous quips throughout the MC shopping adventure. Good job with this entry.