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Hahahahahaha. I loved this clever entry. It was on topic and resonated truths throughout. So good!

Thanks. God bless~
Love the fun you've had with this, when the customer is supposed to be always right. Thanks for a very enjoyable read.
I enjoyed this and your sense of humour. Having had a daughter who ran a cafe for a while I know that customers make some strange requests. Thanks.
What a light-hearted, fun read! I giggled all through the read! So well done! I have always said, thank God Im not Jewish for I sure would miss my baconbut to be vegan and miss meat altogetherno way! Great job on this and thanks for the smile!
This was fun to read and I can only imagine what waitresses must deal with!
I was a waitress back in my much younger years when I could think straight and they do come up with some doozies! I love this, funny and truee! Thank you for giving a great chuckle this morning!

Love the conversational tone and the humor!
I'm a vegetarian, but I still got a kick out of your "jab" at special diets people! :D We can be kind of "snooty" at times, I know!! On a road trip once through the Midwest, I found it difficult to eat in some places--and I'm not even a vegan! :) Anyway, I enjoyed your clever and humorous piece! Great job!
Put a steak on Misty, I'm coming! Well done.
Enjoyed your MC and her inner thoughts which mimicked mine when our daughter decided to go vegan. At least she waited until she moved out.
This entry was fun in its entirety--and liked that your MC was at least open to researching what some special diets consist of.
Congrats! God Bless
CONGRATULATIONS on your E.C. for this fun piece! :)
I enjoyed this tongue in cheek type of humor. As a resident of The Middle of Nowhere, I felt like I knew the MC personally. Perhaps she goes to my church.:)
Such a lot of fun, and easy to relate to. We have a family with conflicting food views; some vegan tendencies, others love meat. What to do? Congratulations on a well deserved EC!