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Great story, wonderful thoughts and messages sprinkled throughout the entire clever piece. Thank you.

God bless~
Sitting with a good book is something I truly enjoy too. The computerized books just aren't the same--and browsing the used book stores can whet anyone's appetite while being sweet to the pocket book. Thanks for the enjoyable read.
I enjoyed this. Ahh books - a good and worthy diet! And about Heidi - I wonder if there's a goats cheese/milk Heidi-style diet out there amongst the plethora of diets?
I loved your clever weaving of story to topic, as well as the way you drew us back to Heidi's diet near the end. Very nicely done.
What a delightful read! You made this entry very fun and inviting to read. I didn't see anything in it that I might offer any suggestion on. I thoroughly enjoyed your appetite (or diet) for the books that you apparently have read and your love of reading. Excellent writing!
I feel like you are a true kindred spirit! I would read almost anything I could get my hands on as a kid--including cereal boxes! :D Your delightful reminiscence on your "diet of books" brought back so many of my own memories! I very much enjoyed this clever and well-written piece!
I so identified with all the sentiments in your entry. There could be no more satisfying diet to an avid reader than a plethora of books. I even worked in the library in college. You "cooked" this all together into a delightful read.
What a wonderful world your Grandma introduced you to, and you are now introducing to others! God bless.
Sorry, I just looked back and saw that you called her "Gramma".
A very absorbing angle on the title, and I love the descriptive way you record your book-devouring projects. Very authentic.