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This was in my opinion, sheer brilliance in terms of addressing the topic. I thought it was highly entertaining and extremely clever. I loved it! Great job.

God Bless~
This was cute, entertaining and quite fun to read. It'd be a fun page to insert in a cookbook.
I simply love this; it appeals to my delight in the quirky and light-hearted!

Not only is the idea enjoyable, you have done well to include background on the spices and where they are from. And their characters are so well applied to each one - especially the Scarborogh Fair reference!

I really enjoyed this and hope it does well - this is one I will remember for a long while! Well done.
Things talk to me like this, too! Very creative and cute. I couldn't decide if I think the beginning quite goes, but I'm not sure why not... Good job!
Very fun and imaginative! I enjoyed how the various spices and herbs were characterized, and I was interested in their histories. Good job! :)
Your pen is telling a very unique and adoreable story this time; how clever and cute. I love what you've done with this entry. I can see why you're in Masters. Very nicely written!
This is a quaint and fun story. I enjoyed the spices' and herbs' discussion. Well done.
You always manage to teach as you tell your stories. They are always fun and informative which is a skill and talent all readers enjoy getting into.
without a doubt....The cutest thing ive ever read and excellent writing.....i love this1
I've heard that too much spicy food can repeat on you, but to hear them talking just has to be something else again!!!!
You must have had too much fun with this, because you have left plenty for us to enjoy with you.
Beautifully told, for it evokes my grandmother's adage that there was "love in every spoonful."
I enjoyed the creativity in your "spicy" story.
This is a fun read. You had me chuckling and took me back to my childhood where I worried that inanimate objects had feelings that could be hurt (My favorite color was yellow because everyone liked blue and green and I felt a tad sorry for it)

My only red ink is tiny but when you said the aromas reminded you to look for... I thought that a tad strange that something with 32 drawers would need to be found. I'd think something that pretty would jump out and shout to be noticed (turns out the spices did the shouting:))

This is just a perfect example of creative writing. Even though I may not have been familiar with all of the spices your descriptions of their personalities brought them to life for me.
I enjoyed this very much. It is a unique rendition of the theme, and well done:)
This is simply brilliant and so imaginative. It reminds me of Beatrix Potter's animals coming to life on the page. Loved it!
CONGRATULATIONS on your E.C. for this cute and "spicy" story! :)