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Loved it. This was believable and delivered a powerful message while providing entertainment.
Thank you. God Bless~
LOL! I totally enjoyed these ladies' pretense and humor (lots of good humor). :) I'm cheering for a great Mexican food feast for their next potluck (we have them here in AZ quite often). :) You brightened my day, you gave me a smile. :)
Such a fun read but loaded with a serious message! Loved it!
Loved it from the beginning, and it only got better the further I read. Super entry! Humor with a message that doesn't hit you over the head but sinks into your heart.
What's that line from that movie . . . "It's funny because it's true." This is pure gold, capturing so many aspects of church life that we hope are hidden, but are so obvious and yet not dealt with. How painful it is for a congregation to see a pastor fall from grace; what a brave couple of ladies these MCs are to dare to tackle the issues head on. Great job . . . and Mexican sounds great, but can we please keep the pavlova and jelly cakes?!
Loved the way this started out tongue-in-cheek and evolved into something healing and worthwhile - shows where their hearts truly were, even though it is "fun" to gossip. Great entry, reflective of what goes on behind the scene of many (maybe too many) parishes.
ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! This is the best! I could go on reading their letters all day! At first I thought, what is wrong with this lady? Great, I hope this wins!
This is such a fun and creative way to cover a topic that may not always be fun and creative. (Seems like everyone brings the same old beans to each one.) I delighted in your tongue in cheek humor. I love how God uses these stories to lift my spirits or as a nudge to remind me of who I want to emulate. This is a timely message for me and you not only nudged me with God's hand guiding, but you lifted my spirits as well. Thank you so much.
This was a fun read. Recliner head...sounds way too familiar. :)
Congratulations for placing 8th in Masters and 12 overall!