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I couldn't stop laughing"gentle retribution," indeed!
Oh my gosh! That was funny! Hahahahaha!
God has a great sense of humor.

This was just wonderful, I can hardly type for giggling...seems justice was served. Terrific job on this!
Hahaha:) Love this:)
I always lose myself in your prose, and this entry is no exception. Oh that ending! - priceless. I'm thinking Madge won't find the retribution very "gentle". Good. :)
Very gentle indeed, but I'm enjoying a mental picture of Madge going pale - "Blanched" even?
I love your subtle humor. Your vivid setting descriptions put me right there with the roses and hydrangeas. :) You've made this tangible and entertaining. Confession time here: There have been potlucks I've attended where certain foods from dear people border on the "eat with caution." :)
I enjoyed this delightful little tale. As a kid, the range was a big part of country living and I had fond memories of going to events with my grandparents. I'd almost forgotten them when your story brought a flood of them washing over me.

I'm sure you spotted your typos but I do have to say when I saw friend chicken, I first thought it must be a way of cooking it, then I thought gee if you're going to eat it, you shouldn't become so close as to call it friend. Finally my brain said duh it's likely a typo for fried. I did a similar thought process for I swan. :)

It's not easy to take a topic such as potluck and tell the story in a fresh and fun way but you did just that. I think every church has some church ladies who like to gossip. It's a wonderful reminder to reign in our tongues as they can be quite poisonous at times. I really did enjoy your MC and could vividly see her face at the end.
WONDERFUL....LOVED IT...HAVE AN "AUNT MADGE" seriously, i am still laughing are a great writer and I could read the whole book!! thank you and God Bless
What an absolutely delightful story! I love your humor and your ability to paint pictures with just the right words--all this and a lesson, too!
Hooray for an EC. This was definitely a winner for me, too!
Really good story with a great hook at the end. I was completely drawn in!
Congrats, Loren. This deserved an Editor's Choice award. You're on a roll!
Congrats! God Bless~
I really enjoyed your story and oh how we woemen have to watch out for any 'Aunt Madgeness'in our behaviour and talk. Congrats on your EC place.