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I love this sweet story. It made me giggle quite a bit. It was only a month or two ago when my oldest daughter and a friend were gushing over Pinterest. I had no idea it was a website with cool ideas on it for crafty people. Maybe because I've never been crafty myself. But my daughter loved making a veggie skeleton for my youngest daughter's graduation and so many people asked her where she got the idea. I think that this is a great fresh take on the topic. I also have a feeling that those not familiar with Pinterest will be googling it and be busy in the kitchen in no time!
This was a sheer pleasure to read. It held an authentic tone of reality...and I loved the dialogue with the mom and daughter. Great stuff! Thank you. GOd bless~

Oh, and I'm going to check out that website! Thanks~
You wrote a fun, lighthearted story. This was an easy read and flowed well. The dialogue was believable.

Funny that you ended it with the muffin tin quiche Pinterest. The first time I heard about Pinterest was in relation to a variety of muffin tin recipes that my friend told me about. She's all into Pinterest, while I decided it's just not my thing.

Cute how the daughter is explaining to the mother what the site is all about. Isn't that the way? I'm constantly teaching my parents how to use their iPhones, while my kids teach me how to use Facebook! ;)

Very pinteresting indeed. I love this creative take on the topic. Congrats on winning 2nd place.
I must be getting older--haven't heard of this before. Now I'm curious. This was fun to read with your lively characters. Great job. Congratulations!
In a good way, this reminds me a bit of my wife! And, yes, with me left to do the dishes - but then she is a great cook.
Congratulations with your EC placing.
Such a cute story with believable characters. Now I too need to pester Mr Google. Congratulations on placing second. Well deserved.
Congrats! God Bless~
Love it! Especially the role reversal - the daughter scolding mom, reminding her of her responsibilities. :) Congrats!!