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You nicely captured what many mothers of young adults feel...the pang of a child growing up too soon mixed with the impatient wishing that they would find their own space. Honest and well done!
I have much empathy for your mother, having witnessed the creation of a bodybuilder myself. Us mothers do tend to become territorial about our kitchens, but I believe she came to the right conclusion.

Great story.
Oh I could relate to this in so many different ways. Since I have health problems I only have a limited amount of energy. When my kids are away working their summer camp jobs, my house stays clean for so much longer and I have the energy to even do some of the harder work but oh how I miss them and how quiet the house feels. Like your MC I want my kitchen and eat it too. :)
This was so honest in its approach and something all mom's can relate to I'm sure. This is something my sister is going through right at this moment.

I loved this story. Thank you...God Bless~
This was great. Kind of reminds me of my husband and what he's turned our pantry into. While he's into his specific food for all the running and cycling he does (his 1st Ironman is next weekend . . . go Honey!), it's the pantry that is overrun by all his "special supplements", sports drink mixes, recovery drink mixes, chews, goos, and other magical concoctions that are all must haves for him to be fit and fast. He must have about 20 sports bottles. Has to hold on to old ones for "throw away" bottles at races.

I can't totally complain, because I too, am a cyclist and use some of his concoctions. He just takes it to a whole 'nother level. ;)

Your article was creative and well written. Thanks! :)
This was lots of fun to read. Congratulations on your well deserved 1st place!
Oh this is wonderful and to all of us with ever-hungry sons, it speaks to our hearts with such familiarity! How I can relate! I love your penultimate paragraph and have found too the kitchen, a good place to pray and learna little about myself, a little about my son, and a whole lot about patience, pride and just a little about about protein! Many congrats. Very well deserved win.

Frances, congrats on the EC. Much deserved. Very tightly written, on-subject, interesting piece with a message.
Nicely written and I could feel the total gambit of emotions coming from you MC. This had me smiling and reflecting at the same time. Congratulations on you 1st place EC!
This is wonderful writing. Creative and on topic. I could picture your kitchen with all the clutter and mess while your incredible hulk munched his way through the day. Congratulations on your very worthy win.
Congrats! God Bless~
Well crafted entry that floods the senses and entertains. Super congrats on your award!
Great to read this again, with more smiles! Many congratulations on your well deserved place in Best of the Best. Such vivid descriptions - felt I was there observing!
Brilliant! What a delightful read . . .
Congrats! Having four boys and three girls, this story brought back many memories of kitchen activities. Most of my wife's married life was silent trying to fill those empty wells. Great job! God bless you on future writings.
I can see why this is featured in the faith writers newsletter! Excellent story with a great point and with a lot of humor mixed in....great combination!