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What a wonderful message! The table IS so important to a home . . . when families actually use it anyway.

I just went to a women's retreat where the first night the whole session was on the "table". We learned about the very first table in existence that God described in detail how to build. We learned how families who sit down to eat together are happier and healthier and actually "find out" what's going on with each other. It's the one time of day you can count on everyone coming together. We also learned about inviting others to your table and what an impact you can make on them when you do.

I could go on and on, but it sounds like you probably know all this.

I felt your opening paragraph would have been better had the one long sentence been split into two. Omitting the word "and", beginning the second sentence with "Her heart cried out" flows better and makes that actual phrase more impactful.

When you use an ellipse . . . make sure you put a space before, after, and in between each dot.

Thank you for your lovely story. I got wrapped up in it, got worried the "news" the parents were sharing with the daughter was that they were splitting up (cause, you know, they don't have a table to keep them together and all!) . . . and then there'd NEVER be a table. I was thrilled when that's not what happened. ;)

Nice job.

What a marvelous entry. It was so well-written, and I never guessed the ending. I thought for sure they were going to break-up. Great surprise! Loved it.

God bless~