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Mmmm... Those jars of jelly. What a creative take on the topic. I like the way you keep bringing us back to them even as she writes her letter. Great stuff!
This is alive with description and family and love--a winner for me.
I thought this touching and sweet. The letter made me smile and it brought back memories of my own grandmother. I enjoyed this.

God Bless~
I could read this forever, I am orginally from south georgia and people talked similiar to that. You could narrate movie with this! Brilliant writing! LOVE it.
Letter writing is such a lost art. Love this;)
I'd love to visit this kitchen and see the sunlight shining through the jars of blackberry jelly. I'm sure this kitchen would smell like my Grandma's. Grandma's vernacular and the whole tone of the story fit perfectly together. I think all of us have missed a punctuation or a spelling word (you're in good company with the missing question mark) :) (and I'll share a secret, I do the sugar and vinegar combination in a lot of things too. :) )
Congratulations, Loren! I'd love to hear what Grandma has to say about this award! :)
Congrats! God Bless~
Congratulations on a win for a wonderful story! Told you it was a winner!
Wow. The dialect is spot on, and I can still hear your MC's voice in my head. 'Nothing to say' turned into a beautifully written letter full of wisdom and love. Congrats - your EC is well deserved.
Wow - this one is a big winner in my eyes. Amazing writing. Absolute enjoyable read. You create not only story, but an experience.