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Ahh, there's nothing like a good romance story. :-) I really enjoyed this fun and positive take on the topic. Well done.
A solid take on the topic, although half-way through, the ending was predictable.
I loved you use of dialogue to set the tone.

Correction: your
This was great! I am such a romantic at heart and this fed my romantic appetite. Loved it. Thanks. God bless~
Sweet story. I wanted a little conflict, but always like a story that ends well.
This is a sweet story. I love the idea of a picnic in the middle of the night. I get up around midnight and then again at 4 to walk the dog and the stars sparkling and the fireflies dancing beat anything for the best entertainment and it's freely given by God. I so could picture this scene with the details you described. Though there probably aren't lightening bugs in the mountains, i pictured them just the same. nice job!
This was a fun romance, and the details made it believable. Great place for a proposal!
My heart just flipped over this one. My, oh my, what a life they will have....I am so jealous right this minute but I will get over it, Lord.
Excellent writing and the story will stay with me a long time.....God bless
Oh man! I could picture all this perfectly. I love the mountains. What a romantic story. Ahhhhh.... I love cheesy 1 AM stories from you!!! <3
So sweet! What a ride this young woman is in for, eh? I wonder if she might not want to set a limit to the years of sunrises on the mountain, though. You know, like say he should switch to sunsets when the babies arrive? Okay, maybe one sunrise a month, if the early rising is the draw but, then, of course, there is the need for an overnight sitter but, hey, sounds like a fun picnic, even so. Nice job!
You write really well at 1 a.m.! :) I enjoyed this love-ly story very much, and I was impressed with the creative and romantic proposal! Nice job! (I could just picture a sunrise on Mt. Rainier!)
I instantly wanted to be Renee. Great story!
I did get lost in the conversation as it was not indicated who said what.