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Awww! I loved this. Great story that touched my heart. Thank you so much.

God bless~
This is beautiful. I love it it and felt transported back in time, perhaps to a difficult time but also a simple time. you captured it quite brilliantly.
How inspiring for anyone facing difficult times. A beautiful story.
Beautiful story about the way it was once. It seems that idea might still work for some without work now!
This is so touching. Sometimes I feel this kind of selflessness is disappearing in our society. You have given me much to think about from this tale of true love. Well done.
This brought tears of joy to my eyes. Would that people do this kind of thing nowadays. Nobody thinks of it anymore.

I loved this story, and three years or not, I think this is the winner!!
What a sweet sweet story! The husband went to so much trouble. Truly a touching story.
Terrific piece of writing; I loved the story. I tried to think of a present day equivalent for our 21st Century city-dwellers and it made me long for those earlier days... or the spirit of it, at least. Now, with everything at our fingertips, the time sacrifice this dear couple showed for one another is lost. Even with the convenience, though, folks don't always even remember to make an effort to mark those special events. Too much else going on.
Wonderfully written and engaging. I could hear the music in the background. Congratulations, Myrna, on this very deserving piece of writing!
This is touching and certainly strums the heartstrings of those today who are experiencing financially trying times. I loved the husband's willingness to ask not one, but several neighbors for their help.

The bartering system does still work--my husband is currently exchanging his carpentry skills for something we need right now.