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This is a delightful story that left me giggling, rolling my eyes, and wanting to scream out oh no!

I had a watermelon explode last summer. I think there are still pink chunks glued to the ceiling. (well maybe not, but maybe yes!)

You did a splendid job of showing me the story and keeping me entertained from beginning to end.
Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Great job with this funny and well written entry. I was so entertained I didn't want it to end.

Loved it. Thank you.

God bless~
What a "comedy of accidents"! I loved the little boy! You described life with a three year-old so well! :) Great story!
Good job of describing my life about 15 years ago. Enjoyed this one. Thanks:)
Very descriptive and so true to life. A pleaasure to read.
Interesting and humorous take on the topic.

Be careful to us single quotes within double quotes.

Who would have thought a few squirts of this stuff would spell lights out to all those nasty ants determined to invade my house?

'Lights out' should have single quotes. You did the same thing at least one other time, but got it right in the very last sentence.

Also, ellipses need a space before, after and in between each dot . . . like that.

I like how the antics continued when Dad got home and how you tied it all up at the end. The ending line was clever. ;)