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Very unique application of the topic. Your knowledge of the painting was obvious, and your imagination is as impressive as your MC. :-)

I loved the interactive dialogue and the well-developed story line that ended with a great, although predictable, conclusion.
You made me look. I googled the picture... evidence that your story is quite successful!
What a charming story! You told it with such loving detail I felt as though I were standing there too, enjoying the art. Impressionism is my favorite form of art. Well done!
This is quite unique and hooked me from the beginning. What a gentle and charming tale!
I love art history, and I loved this story. Your descriptions of the painting were beautiful and insightful.
I, too googled the picture! You really did do a marvellous job with this. I loved the ending, how the MC entered the picture through the old lady's descriptions. Well done.
Absolutely wonderful story!
I loved this whole piece. How completely brilliant the way you presented this weeks topic.

I smiled while reading this because the MC speaking about the painting is something I have been doing all my life. Staring from childhood. I would look at a portrait and make up the story behind each person. So I felt as if my "house was bugged" while reading this. Loved it, and the famous portrait "The Picnic" I wonder why others didn't think of it, including myself!!

Great job. I loved it, and thought it was sheer genious.

God Bless~
I absolutely love this piece! You do an excellent job of capturing a moment through the storyline you've created and through your dialogue. It made me think of--forgive me for this--Rose Dawson from the Titanic movie looking at the wreckage of the sunken ship but not seeing the wreckage. Your MC goes back to a sweeter time, and she takes the reader with her. I just love it.
I love this story too, but in the back of my head I'm wondering what kind of mischief the kids are getting into in the gift shop. Oyyyy... Can you tell I've been a substitute teacher on a field trip? :) I would never leave the kids and that little thing tripped me up the whole story. Besides that, this was beautifully written!
Wow! This brought tears to my eyes. You did a great job with this. It gave me a new perspective about art and paintings. I never would have gone down that road on my own. The why you covered the topic in such an individual way speaks volumes about your imagination and shows why you are a Master!
Goodness! Powerful, imaginative, engrossing... and that list line. Sigh. So perfect.
This is just beautiful. It's so descriptive and it drew me into the picture too. (I'll have to look at that picture now.)The characters came alive and the ending was so touching. Well done!
Beautiful! I was waiting for some connection - like a being a great, great granddaughter or such. You ended it very well.
I enjoyed this imaginative story very much, and I thought the ending was really clever. You brought me into the art gallery and in front of the painting with the women! :)
This is amazing. Extraordinarily creative and extremely well crafted.

I did get a little confused in the very beginning the first time the narrator spoke. It wasn't clear to me who was speaking and at first I thought you punctuated the quote wrong, as if the quote included more than it did. Other than that, I was captivated by the entire piece and hope some day I can create words on a page the way you do. ;)
By the way, I had to google the painting as well. It's amazing to look at it after the incredible story I just read.
Congratulations! God bless~
Congratulations. This is so creative and one of my all time favs. So happy it did well!
So you won 1st place. What a SHOCKER!!!! ;)

I didn't get a chance to read all of the Masters entries, but I suspected this would be the winner. And a 1st place EC, no less.

Congrats! I must go read more of your work so I can glean from the award winning writing style. ;)
Congratulations on your win, which is so well-deserved. You've captured so much feeling and energy in this piece, as well as demonstrating your love of art.
I didn't need the judges (love them all), for me to pick this as a winner. Congrats!
WARM CONGRATULATIONS from me, too! This was one of my favorite pieces this week and well deserves its win! :)
I guess the Google searches for Tissot's painting have taken a dramatic rise this week - mine included. This is such a beautiful story and so brilliantly told, it captivates us all and no surprise it took a well deserved 1st placing! What a wonderful old lady - I think the MC's teaching would never be the same in future! Thank you so much for this.
Add me to the fan club for this wonderfully written story. Our imaginations are such a gift, and you certainly used yours to entertain every reader who took the time to check this one out. Congratulations on taking 1st place in the EC list with this very clever entry.
Congrats! God Bless~
I enjoy and deeply admire James Tissot's paintings.
My screen saver [believe it or not] is `Spring'. I have used it for about six months. The people look so real and alive.
Your story is very `moving'.
This made my fingers march to Google to look up the painting. It made me love the painting and the old woman. This is beautiful writing. Congratulations!
Super congrats on your award, Jody, with this captivating story! I love it!
Congratulations on well-deserved 2nd place Best of the Best! This is so creative. You chose a great painting as the subject of your story, and your vivid descriptions brought it to life. I loved it.
Congratulations Jody on your well deserved second place B of B - its great to read this wonderful story again. Beautiful story, beautiful writing.
Jody, a well deserved 2nd b of b. I, like that little old lady, could sit for hours and create stories from paintings. Thank you for reminding me of such delightful moments in my life. God bless.