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Very nice piece of evocative writing. I liked, too, the way you used the elements of light, color and sound to give weight and dimension to the profound choices being made.
I love your story. It is an unusual perspective that isn't done very often.

The only place I had a [roblem was in the first paragraph. For a minute, I thought the seagulls had hair.

The rest of the story was more than enough to make up for that. Very nice.
This was epic. A profound and intense piece of writing. I loved it. Deep, and completely mesmerizing. Thank you. God bless~
Very good and deserving of first place.

You are a very gifted writer!
Wow what a powerful allegory. I think every time I hear thunder I will gaze and wonder if the world is being rewritten. I know the noise you described was unheard to the world but perhaps... This is a work of genius. You did an awesome job of tackling the topic in such a fresh way. Congratulations!
Truly amazing! Congratulations on your ribbon.
This really is a powerful story.
Congratulations! So sad to think of what could have been. Your descriptions were beautiful.
I have never thought of how eternal history would be changed by someone's decision to turn away from what God has for them. You have written a powerful story. Congratulations on such a well written, and thought provoking story.
A powerful story. I nver thought of things being rewritten before. It was a sober reminder that I could miss the best God intends for me.
This was undoubtedly one of the most unique stories I have seen displayed on FW. I love your fresh outlook on the topic as well as your descriptive writing. Obviously, so did the judges. Excellent job!
Lori, your story is fresh, unique and powerful. I can easily see why you received first place in Editor's Choice.

Thank you for a moving tale that I will long remember.
Yay, Lori! Superb job! Congratulations! Been on vacation and trying to catch up on all my congrats!:)
Perfection. The setting sun is the perfect backdrop for this story of a life unwritten. Wow.
This is truly an amazing piece of writing. I don't know how to add to the comments and compliments already written so I will just say that I agree. Congratulations on your EC win. It is well deserved.
What a timely writing. I joined Faith Writers yesterday. I also started a new bible study book called Created to be God's Friend,which is a study of Abraham and God's relationship.

In the first chapter one of the key points dicussed is
"When God chooses a person for His purposes, all of eternity will be shaped by His decision"

What a beautiful discription you gave of this exact point.
What an awsome God we serve! I pray you have a blessed day as you have blessed mine.