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What a touching story. If only the "popular" girls truly would offer their friendship.It might be the beginning of much brighter prospects for this world.
Thank you for the reminder that stereotypes exist on all levels.

Parents, please teach your children that bullying causes pain, and that acceptance is the only true love.
I think, by the way you've told Sweet Pea's story, I've learned a little about stereotyping today. You did a great job with the POV of the main character - very easy to identify and sympathize with her.
I loved, loved this story, thank you so much for giving it a happy son was bullied because he was a "geek" back then. now he's a cop. This was excellent!
This was a wonderful story of just how we all can be when we decide to judge another person or group of people. It was a very heart-warming story and I absolutely loved the ending. I saw toward the beginning of your entry where you had changed tenses in the beginning of a paragraph. Also, I came across the following: The only probably is it makes the kids laugh at me even more, 'cause I'm talking to myself. As you can see, spellcheck wouldn't pick up on "probably" versus "problem." So, just a courtesy comment on being sure to proof your work before submission. Other than that, I really enjoyed this look into the world of judging.
This is excellent!
I love your writing, it's so interestin!
I love this story - sooo interesting!
This is a great story! I loved it.
Great message. Many emotional levels and truths resonate throughout this outstanding piece.

Excellent job. Thank you so much for this important message. God Bless~
Great story!

Not sure Paige's age, but the vocab sounded a bit adult in places, but overall, great job getting inside the feelings of a bullied child.
Oh I love this story. You grabbed my heart on the first line and held it the whole way. Why as humans are we afraid of someone who is different while simultaneously striving to be above average, to be special? Congratulations on ranking 11 in Masters and 14 overall!